9 Great Reads From CNET This Week: Great Resignation, Minecraft, ‘Uncharted’ and more

9 Great Reads From CNET This Week: Great Resignation, Minecraft, 'Uncharted' and more

9 Great Reads From CNET This Week: Great Resignation, Minecraft, ‘Uncharted’ and more

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‘Or one of my things is I used to care so much about narratives, and what’s true and what’s not true or anything, any subject. And it’s really just, I just live my life the way that I think is right and that I feel is right in my soul, and just push forward and do the best that I can and that’s the whole message that I just try to take away from anything not going your way in life is just try to learn, more on, and be a good person.’

Kim also revealed her beau of only five months already has more than three tattoos in honor of her – including one on his collarbone that reads ‘my girl is a lawyer’. (Kim isn’t a lawyer just yet – she is studying in hopes of passing the bar in the near future.) 

Fellow users were quick to sympathise, with many agreeing that her husband should stay home to look after the children, but others accused the mother of being overprotective and said she needs to ‘loosen up’.

The Great Resignation Hasn’t Hit School Teachers Yet. Here’s Why It Still Might The pandemic may be the last straw for a profession mired in stagnant pay, compounding demands and endemic burnout. The situation has some people asking if the field of teaching needs a reset. 

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Teaching is hard work. Don’t believe me? You try keeping the attention of two dozen or more kids — second graders, high school sophomores, doesn’t matter — and guiding them through the lesson plans you crafted and refined, through five or six classes a day, without much real break time, working pretty much solo. Oh yeah: The pay’s lousy.

‘Yo it’s Skete, Can you please take a second and calm down. It’s 8am and it don’t gotta be like this,’ Davidson wrote. ‘Kim is literally the best mother I’ve ever met. What she does for those kids is amazing and you are so f***ing lucky that she’s your kids mom.’

The original video, which went viral on social media in 2019, showed a black toddler and a white toddler running towards each other and hugging.
It was published website with the headline “These two toddlers are showing us what real-life besties look like” on CNN’s website last year.

‘I am sure this girl is lovely but we hardly know her, she has never met our kids and to my knowledge has very little experience of young children. She would need to put them to bed because children would be home from afterschool club just before we both need to leave at 6pm.

Another added: ‘He really couldn’t give it a miss for one evening? I wouldn’t be happy with a stranger my kids have never met before doing bath time and bedtime to be honest, especially from a safeguarding POV. But I would put it on a list to find someone trusted and local to do the odd babysitting when needed for future references.’

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“We may label Tweets containing synthetic and manipulated media to help people understand their authenticity and to provide additional context,” Twitter says in an explanation of its policies posted on its website website Twitter has been under fierce scrutiny from the Trump administration since it fact-checked Trump’s tweets about unsubstantiated claims of mail-in voting fraud.

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How Online Shopping Adds to the Global Problem of Abandoned Clothes  Your used clothes might go straight in the dump, or they might travel the world before being burned in an open fire. Here’s why.   

The mother-of-two children, aged three and five, took to the UK parenting forum, to ask for advice after her husband asked their neighbour’s daughter, who is in her early 20s, to step in even though they ‘hardly know her’. 

That’s not even factoring in the strangeness of pandemic teaching, from Zoom lessons to ever-shifting health guidelines, which has taken a toll. “I don’t know how much longer we will have teachers who will put up with the pressures coming from all different angles,” a middle school teacher from Austin, Texas, told CNET’s Antonio Ruiz-Camacho. In a feature story this week, Ruiz-Camacho digs into how the teaching profession can hold it together and maybe not get rocked by the Great Resignation that’s swept through other fields.