Psychologist reveals 'ingredients' that turns people into killers

Psychologist reveals 'ingredients' that turns people into killers

Psychologist reveals 'ingredients' that turns people into killers

Most California school districts lifted their masks mandates earlier this week, although San Diego Unified School District will wait to drop their mandate until students return from spring break on April 4.

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Among the reasons for the repressions are the embezzlement of funds allocated for subversive and undercover work in Ukraine, as well as deliberately false information about the political situation in Ukraine.

Emma Kenny, who specialises in victimology, appeared on This Morning today to speak to Philip Schofield and Alison Hammond ahead of her new show ‘The Serial Killer Next Door’ where she discusses how to spot traits of serial killers and what they look for in victims.

Last week, Andrey Soldatov, a respected author on the Russian secret services, said sources inside the FSB told him that Sergey Beseda, 68, head of the agency’s foreign service, had been placed under arrest on Putin’s orders.

‘People who have tried to predict what’s going to happen in the future in this pandemic have repeatedly found egg on their face, as they say, and I’m not going to do that here today,’ he said at a COVID briefing in Queens on Friday.   

Meanwhile, although New York City lifted its indoor mask mandate on March 7, newly-minted health commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan said Friday that masking public school children under five in the city is ‘indefinite at this point.’

Ukrainian MP Dmytro Gorin, whose parents are trapped in the city, said the Russians have dropped hundreds of bombs on the city and that conditions are medieval, adding: ‘People are out of food and, more importantly, out of water.’

The Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation’s second-largest public school district in the nation, announced Friday that it will lift face-covering requirements for students and staff – a day after New York City’s health commissioner said children under five will be masked ‘indefinitely’ at school. 

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Putin is said to blame the agency for intelligence which assured him ahead of the invasion that Russian forces would face only token resistance from the Ukrainian army and that Ukrainians themselves were eager to be rid of their leaders.

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Andrea Kendall-Taylor, the US deputy national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia from 2015-2018, added that Putin is seeking individuals to ‘scapegoat and pass the blame’ to and thinks ‘he’s in a much more precarious position now’.

‘My family was in the bomb shelter of High School No 2. Three days ago a shell shattered some of the windows. A woman was wounded in her hip. She laid all night on the first floor asking for someone to give her poison so that she would not feel the pain.’

‘So if somebody had a really traumatic experience as a child, most will become incredibly compassionate humans, but for some it feels like there is this ingredient list of possibility and if you activate them all, there is a potential trauma, being involved in criminal behaviour.

While masks will no longer be required inside Los Angeles Unified School District buildings, students and staff will receive PCR tests through the end of the school year, and at-home rapid COVID tests will be provided to students and staff ‘for baseline testing prior to the beginning of the 2022 Spring break’

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In fact, the Russian armed forces have faced fierce resistance from Ukrainian soldiers that has battled them to a standstill, inflicted heavy losses, and forced Putin’s commanders to resort to brutal siege warfare that has so far yielded few results. 

Shelling has hampered efforts to rescue hundreds of civilians, including women and children, who are believed trapped in the bombed ruins of the Drama Theatre, destroyed by a Russian air strike on Wednesday despite the word ‘Children’ being clearly written on the square outside to alert pilots.

I could see this happening when the International Olympic Committee changed the rules so that trans women could compete in the women’s category as long as they underwent a very limited period of testosterone suppression. 

She beat one female athlete to a place on the Pennsylvania team. She kept a second out of the semi-finals and another out of the final. The fourth-placed swimmer was denied a place on the podium and runner-up Emma Weyant, the first actual female in the race, lost out on being the NCAA champion.